Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Chinese Frog Test

I am hoping that my performance on the frog challenge this morning, is not an omen for the rest of the day. I did, after all, have a low tire...correction, completely flat tire, yesterday, at my friends' home. As the Big O Tire Shop was not open, at the time I left, I chose to fill the tire with air and drive it home....made it back safely too. However, I have many places to go today and I have not been back out to check it yet.

Anyway, This is a Chinese computer test for second graders.

It took me many attempts to figure it out...I am sure, I am a better person for doing it so many times... right now, my biggest hope is that I can organize my own life faster and better than I did the frogs. Why did I choose this experience in personal humiliation? Maybe it was because the frogs were "adorable"...three girls and three boys.

Let's face it...I am an easy mark when it comes to frogs.


  1. i just don't see the need to rearrange the frogs-they seem perfectly happy where they are!

  2. Close observation shows the frogs originally on the left are boys and on the right are girls...perhaps the leaping over each other, implies something social/sexual...that a second grader would miss...but was amusing to the bored adult who created this exercise.

  3. I think that there is one word to describe where I am at this phase of my life: surrender. Surrender, surrender, surrender! As my inner voice puts it, "It's pretty easy as a spiritual discipline -- only one thing to remember!"