Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These cats really go for it...

I must be getting old...these cats in the video are really throwing themselves completely into their activity..I am trying to remember when I last did that... it has been at least eight maybe nine months ago...

Passionate intensity is actually lots of fun...I hope to find it again...probably this video is helping me to remember what that feels like and how I enjoy the creative surge...

What give you that surge of passionate intensity? (Keep it a little clean now...)
Feeling passionate is feeling very alive...don't you think?


  1. what makes me feel that alive passion is the gentle nudge of a random experience to get me back on the path. its a long and winding road with lots of choices. when i find my way back to the pathway i remember all of the tools i have been given, and the passion arises again. my current challenge is to use the tools daily to keep myself focused. no compass needed. just use the tools, and keep looking inside. without finding solace within, i am not at my best to serve my purpose. selah

  2. Thank you Darryl! Your comment is a good reminder to me to honor my tools by using them...it is a good way to say thank you to the folks who shared them with me!!!