Thursday, May 20, 2010

Think of this as a collective life review

If you are new, please read the very first post…. Then this one!

Well, Monday, I dropped an idea into infinite silence and the blog began. The ripple has gone out. Manifestation can’t be far behind. I have had some lovely personal responses, not just on the blog, but particularly, one on one. The consensus is that the topic requires deep thought and may be overwhelming. Also the topic is too private to be published all over the internet.

My first thought was “Yes”! Deep thinking and “noticing” is happening! That was part of the intention.

The subject matter is deep, no quick answers here! However, if you sit quietly and ask yourself, “What has made it all worthwhile?” or “What has been the most important, inspiring, meaningful or fulfilling part of life for me?” It gets easier. As you wait quietly, allowing yourself to sort through the layers of surface thoughts, feelings and sensations, you eventually will connect to your heart/spirit/soul and it will give you a starting place. And this response is all you need to post about. If you use words, well then, write what came to you. If you are a musician, then record your response and post it. Are you an artist? Create something and share it.

Be playful with your response….everyone will appreciate that.

Also, as a housekeeping note: You can post anonymously, if it is all too personal! But please give us a reference name in the comment box, so we can easily respond to your comment. To post, all you have to do, is to click on “comments” at the bottom of the post. If you have one of the accounts in the profile pull down, then you can post through that. If you are anonymous, or don’t have an account, post as anonymous.


  1. truthfully, i have not found much that has made this life worthwhile. it's been a slog. there have been a few, very few, instances of joy, insufficient to balance out the angst. i'm banking on reincarnation-except i really don't want to do this again!

  2. What has been important.....growing......planting a seed, watching it grow.....diving deep into the absolute to let consciousness grow.....watching a child grow. Seeds.......seeds make life meaningful.....seeds of all type.....seeds of kindness too.

  3. I'm still wondering if it is all worthwhile. I guess I'm with standing, life is a few moments of joy interspersed with tedium, pain, and since I don't believe in reincarnation or afterlife, I often wonder - and moreso as age creeps ever onward - why I bother.

    Call me Mishmash.

  4. Thank you everyone for your deep honesty! I've had a lot of pain too...and it has made the simple pleasures all the more important...I used to try to escape the pain by slipping between the moments and say to myself, "Right now in this second, I am not being tortured...I can relax and enjoy this moment."

    Intuitively, I feel like somehow life has to all balance out!
    I used to feel that there were fewer, but more spectacular moments of fulfillment and joy balancing the more frequent periods of tedium and tension. But then I began noticing, after I
    started really looking more closely at my life over the years, that I was experiencing more distance from my experiences. I still felt things deeply, and was very involved in my life, but somehow, as time continued to pass, I became more aware of another part of me that was watching it all.

    The result was that when something painful happened, it still hurt like hell, but this part of me that was watching gave me some kind of extra resources.

    How can I put this in was like there was more to me and so not all of me was devastated. It was like when you cut your finger and your finger hurts, but not all of your body is hurting. This helps me to bounce back in tough times. And believe me, there are still tough times.

  5. today,
    life is a verb.
    it is a process which i fully embrace.
    cherishing the priceless moments when someone reflects to me what i need to see.
    and hoping that i can do the same for them.