Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Made Me Smile Today

Ok, Ok....Haven't figured out how to embed a video I watched this morning and wanted to share...I believe in having humor before bed and just when I wake up...improves my twice daily vitamin! I am just getting started... it isn't even 9:30 AM yet...

Sunlight is streaming in my window ...I got to sleep in, until I couldn't lay there any cat did not wake me up for an early breakfast...I am looking forward to seeing friends today...I have little tomatoes growing on my plants in my bedroom window...the air is fresh and mild...20 baby geese are being escorted everywhere by a group of vigilant parents... (I can see them from my apartment window...hmmm, wondering if they will be challenging my exit from the building)....

Meanwhile, there is a perfect breeze and a warm mild temperature, as I sip tea in the sunlight on my balcony... the mother dove eyeing me soulfully from her eyelevel nest in the aspen, next to my balcony, is sitting on two is Spring and things are perfect in this moment...I am savoring this... right now...totally embracing this moment! There is an eyes closed, satisfied, catlike smile gracing my face.

Thank you Life for moments like this!!!

What has brought you a smile so far today?


  1. reading this brought me a smile! and this morning, laying in bed, listening to the damn parakeets squawking, wondering where their snooze buttons were located.

    word verification-devine! isn't this just devine?

  2. Did you like the youtube of the dog and the robot playing?