Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Chinese Frog Test

I am hoping that my performance on the frog challenge this morning, is not an omen for the rest of the day. I did, after all, have a low tire...correction, completely flat tire, yesterday, at my friends' home. As the Big O Tire Shop was not open, at the time I left, I chose to fill the tire with air and drive it home....made it back safely too. However, I have many places to go today and I have not been back out to check it yet.

Anyway, This is a Chinese computer test for second graders.

It took me many attempts to figure it out...I am sure, I am a better person for doing it so many times... right now, my biggest hope is that I can organize my own life faster and better than I did the frogs. Why did I choose this experience in personal humiliation? Maybe it was because the frogs were "adorable"...three girls and three boys.

Let's face it...I am an easy mark when it comes to frogs.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Made Me Smile Today

Ok, Ok....Haven't figured out how to embed a video I watched this morning and wanted to share...I believe in having humor before bed and just when I wake up...improves my twice daily vitamin! I am just getting started... it isn't even 9:30 AM yet...

Sunlight is streaming in my window ...I got to sleep in, until I couldn't lay there any cat did not wake me up for an early breakfast...I am looking forward to seeing friends today...I have little tomatoes growing on my plants in my bedroom window...the air is fresh and mild...20 baby geese are being escorted everywhere by a group of vigilant parents... (I can see them from my apartment window...hmmm, wondering if they will be challenging my exit from the building)....

Meanwhile, there is a perfect breeze and a warm mild temperature, as I sip tea in the sunlight on my balcony... the mother dove eyeing me soulfully from her eyelevel nest in the aspen, next to my balcony, is sitting on two is Spring and things are perfect in this moment...I am savoring this... right now...totally embracing this moment! There is an eyes closed, satisfied, catlike smile gracing my face.

Thank you Life for moments like this!!!

What has brought you a smile so far today?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Objects close to touching,cast a shadow of oneness

As far back as I can remember connection has been the main focus of my attention.... not simple physical connection, so much as, spiritual/emotional union and wholeness. The quiet acknowledgement, the subtle flood of recognition, the alliance that forms without a word spoken….these are things that bridge the gap for me and reassure me that I am part of the wholeness of life.

It reminds me of the way my grandmother, would embrace and reassure me, without saying a word or even touching me. Sweet memories from a childhood, where I struggled to know who and what I was.

From my earliest days, my safest and most joyous connections were with animals, plants, the oceans, the skies and many things more ethereal. As an empath, it was natural to innocently melt into another’s spirit presence. And Nature is always welcoming.

People were more complex. As a child, I could not understand the individual need to hide things and retreat from this melding, that I so needed and enjoyed. It seemed unnatural and shocking to me.

So, whenever, someone would pull down their mask and share this kind of spiritual/emotional intimacy, even for a moment, it would thrill me. It was like we were co-conspirators.

These kinds of moments make everything worthwhile for me. It is one thing to savor the silent, infinite connection with everything and it is quite another thing, to overlap awareness with another, who is experiencing in the same way. It rocks creation!

"Once while touching you, touch me, I touched myself."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Think of this as a collective life review

If you are new, please read the very first post…. Then this one!

Well, Monday, I dropped an idea into infinite silence and the blog began. The ripple has gone out. Manifestation can’t be far behind. I have had some lovely personal responses, not just on the blog, but particularly, one on one. The consensus is that the topic requires deep thought and may be overwhelming. Also the topic is too private to be published all over the internet.

My first thought was “Yes”! Deep thinking and “noticing” is happening! That was part of the intention.

The subject matter is deep, no quick answers here! However, if you sit quietly and ask yourself, “What has made it all worthwhile?” or “What has been the most important, inspiring, meaningful or fulfilling part of life for me?” It gets easier. As you wait quietly, allowing yourself to sort through the layers of surface thoughts, feelings and sensations, you eventually will connect to your heart/spirit/soul and it will give you a starting place. And this response is all you need to post about. If you use words, well then, write what came to you. If you are a musician, then record your response and post it. Are you an artist? Create something and share it.

Be playful with your response….everyone will appreciate that.

Also, as a housekeeping note: You can post anonymously, if it is all too personal! But please give us a reference name in the comment box, so we can easily respond to your comment. To post, all you have to do, is to click on “comments” at the bottom of the post. If you have one of the accounts in the profile pull down, then you can post through that. If you are anonymous, or don’t have an account, post as anonymous.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time for Reflection- May 18th, 2010

Ok Everybody. Stop what you are doing for a moment.
Close the textbooks please. This is an open experience exam.
Since the world, as we know it, is experiencing greater and more complex challenges and seems constantly in crisis....
Since so many people are feeling like they are just waiting for the other shoe to fall.....
Before we all change into something new, evolve, become extinct, or simply go any further, could we just stop for a moment of personal and collective reflection?
I wish to open an honest, worldwide dialogue with whomever feels called to this inquiry.
Here's the assignment.
Please respond to one, some or all of the following questions:
Honestly, What is life all about? What do you know about life? What have you learned about the "Greater Life"? What are you grateful for? What has inspired you? Brought out the highest and best in you? What wisdoms have others shared with you that have changed you life in a positive way? What do you trust? What has made it worthwhile? What makes you happy?
This is a spiritual inquiry, not an ego quest. I don't want "so and so says"....I want your deepest, most honest answers from your reflections on your personal experiences. Put aside conventional teachings and language, and speak from your heart, mind and spirit.
Everyone is invited to participate. It would be nice to have a first name, age and country. But it is not essential. Remember that life on the web is fairly transparent.