Friday, May 21, 2010

Objects close to touching,cast a shadow of oneness

As far back as I can remember connection has been the main focus of my attention.... not simple physical connection, so much as, spiritual/emotional union and wholeness. The quiet acknowledgement, the subtle flood of recognition, the alliance that forms without a word spoken….these are things that bridge the gap for me and reassure me that I am part of the wholeness of life.

It reminds me of the way my grandmother, would embrace and reassure me, without saying a word or even touching me. Sweet memories from a childhood, where I struggled to know who and what I was.

From my earliest days, my safest and most joyous connections were with animals, plants, the oceans, the skies and many things more ethereal. As an empath, it was natural to innocently melt into another’s spirit presence. And Nature is always welcoming.

People were more complex. As a child, I could not understand the individual need to hide things and retreat from this melding, that I so needed and enjoyed. It seemed unnatural and shocking to me.

So, whenever, someone would pull down their mask and share this kind of spiritual/emotional intimacy, even for a moment, it would thrill me. It was like we were co-conspirators.

These kinds of moments make everything worthwhile for me. It is one thing to savor the silent, infinite connection with everything and it is quite another thing, to overlap awareness with another, who is experiencing in the same way. It rocks creation!

"Once while touching you, touch me, I touched myself."


  1. My grandmother was "magic too"

  2. What do you mean by empath?

  3. Beautiful.
    It's so unfortunate that 'masks' have become such an integral part of life.

  4. Masks can protect you and let you blend in when needed ...but it is certainly a good thing to know who you are under that mask and when it is safe to pull it away....we live in interesting times...