Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time for Reflection- May 18th, 2010

Ok Everybody. Stop what you are doing for a moment.
Close the textbooks please. This is an open experience exam.
Since the world, as we know it, is experiencing greater and more complex challenges and seems constantly in crisis....
Since so many people are feeling like they are just waiting for the other shoe to fall.....
Before we all change into something new, evolve, become extinct, or simply go any further, could we just stop for a moment of personal and collective reflection?
I wish to open an honest, worldwide dialogue with whomever feels called to this inquiry.
Here's the assignment.
Please respond to one, some or all of the following questions:
Honestly, What is life all about? What do you know about life? What have you learned about the "Greater Life"? What are you grateful for? What has inspired you? Brought out the highest and best in you? What wisdoms have others shared with you that have changed you life in a positive way? What do you trust? What has made it worthwhile? What makes you happy?
This is a spiritual inquiry, not an ego quest. I don't want "so and so says"....I want your deepest, most honest answers from your reflections on your personal experiences. Put aside conventional teachings and language, and speak from your heart, mind and spirit.
Everyone is invited to participate. It would be nice to have a first name, age and country. But it is not essential. Remember that life on the web is fairly transparent.


  1. This is AWESOME! I will never respond half-heartedly, and will be sure to be in a Sacred Space before I do!
    Dazzling Dixie Dame.

  2. Glad to have you on board DDD! So what do you think?

  3. glad to see this! i'll need to think out my answer.

  4. I'm grateful you share your inspirations :)

  5. Life is all about the NOW
    I know the joy of being alive, experiencing, changing and remembering
    “Greater life” – what is that? Life is great!
    I’m grateful for all the blessings – the bad and the good , they are part of who I’m.
    My inspiration comes from my will to live life to its fullest
    My worst experiences brought the best out of me
    Life experiences and life approach are the best wisdoms to be shared
    I trust everything until it is proved that is not to be trusted – but what is trust? Just a bunch of expectations – we shall live free of expectations.
    Living is worthwhile – Celebrating life is worthwhile
    Everything makes me happy – is all a matter of live approach – the way we look at things.
    Gabriela, 39, Uruguay.


  6. A dear friend of mine came to visit me in Europe many years ago. One afternoon, his 4 year-old daughter was playing in my garden, which had many flowers and fruits. She became very afraid because the bees had built a nest under the eaves and were buzzing lazily about. "I am afraid of them!," she whispered in my ear. I told her about bees and showed her their home and explained how they were sipping the flower nectar to make honey.
    The next day, she came in from the garden, and in the most serious voice told all of us:
    " I know what you do with bees. You love them and leave them alone and let
    them make their own choices."
    I figure that quite often, words of the wisdom of life come from the mouths of small ones, so this phrase has become a byword for me. For just about any situation.

  7. Awesome coments! Great start! Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom!!!

  8. Learning. That's what life's about for me.
    Learning how to be in the moment, instead of worrying (and possibly manifesting) the things that haven't occurred yet. Learning to appreciate the positive things in life, even when that lesson is delivered through a negative experience.
    I am grateful for the magical people I've had encountered in my life, and the not so magical for showing me what is really important. And I am grateful (although not all the time) for always wanting to look deeper, beyond the preconceived notions.
    Positive (real) people, the smells of autumn, spring sunshine, gentle breezes, stars, seeing my son happy, seeing my husband be a good father, and lazy days make me happy. =)

    Lena, 29 USA

  9. Mirroring. It used to be painful because I could not keep clarity about what was mine a what was theirs. Now I can, and I can help them know themselves by me knowing myself. It is becomming more effortless as my needs drop away and the pool of myself gets deeper and more calm. And the quiet joy awakens. From here, when I look to the horizon, my self is that big. When I hear a distant sound, I am big enough for that sound to be inside me. From this place I see the beauty of all things, all circumstance. And I love the Love that makes it so.