Sunday, June 13, 2010

I love Red Dwarf !

This week I have been viewing all the old Red Dwarf episodes, season by season....

I absolutely love "Cat". "Cat" is the last descendant of a pregnant cat that Lister hid in the spaceship bulkhead, choosing stasis punishment, over surrendering the cat to certain death at the captain's command.

While Lister was in stasis, a radiation accident killed every human on board. Lister emerges from stasis, over a million years later, when the radiation is gone. His only companions are Holly the computer, Rimmer, an obnoxious hologram and the "Cat", whose species has evolved into a feline/humanoid form. This is the scene from the first episode, where Lister meets "Cat" for the first time after stasis. This is one cool cat!

Later in the series, they rescue an android, Kryten. It always gives me deep belly laughs when I watch this excerpt, where Kryten, a domestic mechanoid, is accidentally turned into a human being by an alien DNA machine. His appraisal of his new human body is revelatory and hysterical!

The human body is a truely bizzare container from Kryten's perspective!!!! Kryten chooses to go back to a mechanoid existance...Lister comments, "You have to be what you are."

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