Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature happenings in August!

More Nature Happenings for August

• Aug. 9: New Moon, Aug 24: Full Moon
• Aug. 12 - 13: Perseids Meteor shower
• Average temperature: 67.6ºF, Average precipitation: 3.48"
• Watch for Common Nighthawks hunting over open ground for flying insects in the late afternoon light.
• Hummingbirds are active at feeders and at flowers, sourcing protein from spiders and insects and sipping nectar for sugars.
• Male hummingbirds start their southbound migration this month, averaging 20 miles a day to wintering grounds in Central America and Mexico. Females head south later and juveniles will stay around until early October.
• Many of our summer visitors have finished their nesting cycle and will begin their migration south.
• Male Black-headed Grosbeaks will disappear from the landscape as they begin their southern migration; females and juveniles will follow in the coming weeks.
• Bullock's Orioles, our summer visitors that love to chatter notes high and low, will begin to migrate south.

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