Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gabrielle's Laughing Lights Parade

From Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter :
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Gabrielle's Laughing Lights Parade

Our friend, Gabrielle Silva from the Boulder, CO Intenders Circle, is one of the happiest, most light hearted people we know. She writes the Ragananda children's books and recently sent us the following letter:

"A couple of years ago, about the same time that I became an Intender, I started doing a breathing meditation where, on a great big SMILING INBREATH, I saw these little hearts with wings with smiley faces flowing out from my heart, swarming around me. Then, on the OUTBREATH, I saw them flying off gracefully to bring Holy Laughing Lightness to wherever it was needed. Actually, I can't really think of a single place on this planet that couldn't use a little Holy Laughing Lightness! Can you?

I've noticed a lot of benefits from pivoting out of drama, or other non-productive uses of my attention, into this simple breath. One benefit is - it's GLORIOUSLY fun! My experience with Intending has been that it all happens a lot faster if I'm in a happy, contented, PRESENT space. One Laughing Lights breath leads to another. It lends a whole new dancing energy to the word 'practice'.

The best part is that you can do it no matter what else you are doing. Eating, mowing the lawn, sailing, doing the laundry, INTENDING to do the laundry, it's all a lot more fun with Laughing Lights swirling around on every breath. Try it! You can post comments or questions on my InnerGalactiGazette blog on www.ragananda.com and I'll be happy to elaborate. However, it's not about words, it's about JUST DOING IT and finding out for yourself, breath by breath, what breathing and allowing Holy Laughing Lightness can bring to your life. See YOU at the Smiling Party!

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